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COWBOYS 2018 Season Approaching!

I cannot wait for this season to start. I’m glad Dez is gone. He should have been gone 2 years ago in my opinion, imagine the draft picks we would have had for 2018 or 2017, with an already Dak and Zeke! I’m sober about Witten’s retirement. As much as I wanted this soon to be hall of famer to get his and the Cowboys a super bowl ring, I respect the 15 years he gave #COWBOYSNATION, and his decision to hang it up. It says a lot about the man, and I know he will do well going forward.
Back tracking a bit here with Romo hanging it up as well, it’s clear the changing of guard is complete. Cowboys fan should be excited about a fresh start with a new team of play makers about to take the field with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot. Cole Beasley with the addition of some interesting new additions to the wide receiver positions should have an easier time exposing defenses. It’s nice to know RB Rod Smith gets the #2 RB spot behind a no suspension serving Ezekiel.
The WR position as far as I am concerned was upgraded. Perhaps some unanswered questions, but the upside potential here is high! Tavon Austin who will be giving the offence yet another option coming out of the back field at times, Deonte Thompson will be an interesting prospect. He brings veteran experience. He has proven he can catch a football no matter what uniform he puts on in the NFL. He caught 11 in a Bears uniform and 27in a Bills uniform last year. I have high hopes for Allen Hurns coming from Jacksonville. He was cut for missing 11 games over 2 seasons due to injuries. I think if he is healthy he will have no problem proving the Jags coaching staff made the wrong move. He is the WR1 in my opinion. This guy is physical, has some speed on him and is a veteran WR. Lets not forget T. Williams, the rookie WR Gallup drafted in the 3rd round, and Brown and Lenoir, all looking to make the squad and all looking good! Very exciting indeed.
posted on July 8th 2018….
The TE position has potential as well…The O line should Dominate…TBC….

Spurs Fans Can Speculate

I had an error in this article and it needs correcting. Apologies.