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Are you ready Spurs Nation? #DontBoo

So, we have a long season ahead of us and the pre-season has hit us hard with the loss of our young point guard. I hope  Dejounte Murray and his torn acl will get back to us soon, and as good as new. I am curious what the Spurs next move is.  More so,  I am curious as to the mindset of our long lost player now in Toronto. Here is a link to an article that may answer that question.

It’s an interesting read and he is growing into himself up north. Maybe it wasn’t possible for him here. Things are going good for the young man. I don’t hate him, nor am I mad about how things went down. Karma sorts it all out in the end, and right now the Spurs and we as Spurs fans can use all the good karma we can get.

I have predicted he will come down here with a better team and win that night. Not that I want him to.  So what can we do upon the return of Kawhi to shape our universe of Silver and Black that is to our liking?

I truly hope that we as Spurs fans don’t get caught up with booing and yelling on January 3rd at the game, when they announce him as part of the Raptors starting squad.

You know what would make national news in the sports world? Is if everyone attending the game gave him a standing ovation upon his introduction. Stay with me here because right now some of you are thinking I am out of my mind. I assure you I am not!

Think about this. On January 3rd the entire sports nation and sports world will be watching and focused on San Antonio! They will be waiting to report the expected reaction of booing by pissed off San Antonio Spurs fans, over a situation no one except the Spurs organization and Kawhi Leonard’s camp have the details of. They will light San Antonio up for the world of sports news to witness because lets face it, the negative booing over all that drama is good for sports news and their ratings.

Like it or not he is gone, BUT San Antonio Spurs fans were not the cause of it. The fault lies at the feet of Kawhi and the Spurs. However, Spurs Nation can be the cause for something greater that speaks about our city, and who we are as true fans of all our Spurs past and present. Imagine the head lines world wide in sports the next day about the San Antonio Spurs FANS.  Giving a shocking and unexpected reaction to the return of THE CLAW in San Antonio! A standing ovation?!!!!! Yeah that’s right! WHY? I’ll tell you and we can show the world together why.  We will accomplish so much more for ourselves as fans, our team, and our bad ass city!

First.  An obvious and important game time strategy. It’s the last thing Kawhi much less the rest of the world is going to expect.  That should throw off any sense of conviction on his part to motivate beating the Spurs organization. (not that any pro player needs such motivation.) Lets face it though, he is human and any player who gets booed upon his introduction in any arena, is going to use that fire in the game. So right there we should as fans be smart, help our team, and not give Kawhi anymore motivation; but rather just the appreciation for his positive accomplishments while having the honor of wearing the Silver and Black. How crazy would it be if we threw him off his game for at least some of the first quarter? 🙂

Second. The news casters will report something positive about Spurs fans. We are different, smarter and dare I say better than the rest of the league’s fans. Most importantly, it says something to all other “professional sports owners/organizations”, looking for a new home in the future. Not only can we support pro sports, but we prove we are a top notch classy location to be in. It’s called selling San Antonio as a better market. Something the city cannot seem to accomplish regarding getting high profile sports organizations to move here.  How many Cities have two teams? I can think of one right up 35N and another down 90E.  I digress.

The point is K.L. is returning soon. All the world will be watching for the first time since that whole fiasco, which was weird for us all; and now we will get to have our say about it with everyone watching. We are better than all parties involved. We are The Spurs Nation! Bigger than the Spurs, not disgruntled the way Kawhi was perceived, and maybe just maybe that’s what he was. Regardless, we are a better and a different type of  fan. A smarter one who can rise above all of it, including the media’s hunger for sensational negative news!  We are Fans that can recognize a Toronto Raptor who was an unhappy player in San Antonio.  A player, who prior to the moment that changed everything became an NBA champion with the SPURS in 2014, and was named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, and as a SPUR was a two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, having won in 2015 and 2016, and yes the SPURS former MVP and one hell of a Defensive player!  We get a chance to represent ourselves! Tweet it dammit #DontBoo. #GSG

WTH is going with the Cowboys?

So after going into week 5 of the NFL, and a dismal Cowboys season already in the works with a 2-3 record; It seems like a good time to vent.

WTH is the COWBOYS organization thinking? More importantly, how did they fall into a one dimensional mindset? I’ve been pretty patient over the Garrett years but enough is enough. I’m just going to put it out there because it was my initial thought  the day they announced Jason Garrett would be the head coach. If he wasn’t good enough to be the starting QB for the Cowboys, why would Jerry Jones or anyone in his circle think Jason would be a better coach? Those who can’t do teach? I’m not sure I subscribe completely to that notion.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure Mr. Garrett is nice guy. On the other hand, could he have something on Jerry Jones?  How has this crap continued to go on for this long? Is Jerry just satisfied with 8 and 8 seasons? <—– It’s a rhetorical question of course. Mr. Jones has to be tired of losing. His latest comments which seemed to infer he might be criticizing a 4th and 1 call where the Cowboys opted to punt the ball in the 4th quarter with very little time in the game, resulting in the Cowboys never seeing the ball again, might suggest Jerry is growing tired of watching the same story year after year. I hope so because it’s about damn time! The call led to a Texans win instead.

 Like I have already stated before, getting rid of Dez was a good move, but probably a little late. They could have acquired a  higher value for  him 2 or 3 years ago, and done him a favor at the same time.  Spilled milk I know! Witten has nothing to be ashamed of. The timing of his arrival with the Cowboy was unfortunate, and he still put up  amazing numbers in his career.  Elliot is a beast, but teams are able to stack up the box against him without a real outside threat. Props to him he is still productive, but that has to be getting harder on him, and easier for opponents as the season goes on.

Is Dak Prescott the issue? Or do questions regarding Dak go away if he has a true WR1?  I am not ready to write Dak Prescott off. Cole Beasley as a slot receiver is limited as well without a true wide out that spreads the field. Is Allen Hurns a bust?  Or is Jason Garrett and his staff unable to draw up plays that compliment Hurns’s and Dak’s talents? Or any of Dak’s speedster wideouts for that matter? Why have the coaching staffs under Garrett been unable to figure out a winning solution?  All the talent that has come and gone, and yet unable to fuse any of it in the form of consistent and long lasting play making production? I know I am asking for a lot here, but at some point it is not the players anymore.  Any other team would have handed J.G. a pink slip by now. So yeah I’m a little annoyed in the Cowboys Nation camp.

Also, I think the blame goes all the way to the top. It has to, to be fair to Garrett, it’s not like he is going to apologize on his own and hand in his walking papers. There is no doubt he will be the next scape goat for the Jones’s, and rightfully so, but why have the owners allowed him this many times to fail?  After two years they could have saved him and moved him to a back office position if they see him as family, which they obviously do. If the Jones’s want to make up for their fault in this mess, they should still do that and then get a coach worth his salt;  and not only pay him more, but give him more control to do what needs to be done. This in turn allows Jerry Jones to do what he has always been  good at, which is marketing the Cowboys and driving up the sales for the organization.  Imagine how much more money the Cowboys organization could make if they were a winning one again?  I am not trying to knock on Jerry or Stephen personally. I am old enough to remember the down hill swing of a once great Tom Landry, and suffered through the 80s passing of the torch to the 49ers in that horrible NFC Championship game where “the Catch”   took place. A living nightmare.  Cowboy fans who experienced that day  will never forget where they were that day, but thats another article in and of itself.  So when Jerry came in and made the changes, myself and many of my Gen Xers were ready for it. My dad on the other hand experienced the height of Tom Landry’s career and experienced the great years of the 70s and 80s. Suffice to say if the 75 year old man had a website he might have some choice words about Jerry Jones.

The legacy I am sure is what Jerry Jones is concerned about these days, which translates into Super Bowles and how many he manages to acquire for his beloved Dallas Cowboys. He is running out of time for which I am sure he has not lost sight of.  As a Cowboys fan I am routing for you Mr. Jones, but I haven’t bought a Cowboys hat or Jersey since D. Ware. I want to, I really do!

I have seen the glory days of the 90s championships disappear in my rear view, only to be reminded of them when seeing the great Troy Aikman calling a Cowboys game from the booth, for which his old team is probably losing; Or on occasion a grey bearded Emmitt Smith on TV. I too am aging and have a little grey in my beard. So no disrespect to the great Emmitt Smith.

 I’m disappointed and I’m hot, and it has nothing to do with the San Antonio weather! So much for fantasy football balancing and keeping my Dallas Cowboys fandom in check. It has been crap having to endure the Garrett years! I’ll take an upgrade at the coach position please.

Special note to all my fellow San Antonio Dallas Cowboy Fans.  After what is looking like another Cowboys mediocre season, I will be full on in my support of the Alliance of America Football League, and the new San Antonio Commanders!  I hope everyone in San Antonio gets on board with that, while we wait for the Jones’s to figure it the hell out!

COWBOYS 2018 Season Approaching!

I cannot wait for this season to start. I’m glad Dez is gone. He should have been gone 2 years ago in my opinion, imagine the draft picks we would have had for 2018 or 2017, with an already Dak and Zeke! I’m sober about Witten’s retirement. As much as I wanted this soon to be hall of famer to get his and the Cowboys a super bowl ring, I respect the 15 years he gave #COWBOYSNATION, and his decision to hang it up. It says a lot about the man, and I know he will do well going forward.
Back tracking a bit here with Romo hanging it up as well, it’s clear the changing of guard is complete. Cowboys fan should be excited about a fresh start with a new team of play makers about to take the field with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot. Cole Beasley with the addition of some interesting new additions to the wide receiver positions should have an easier time exposing defenses. It’s nice to know RB Rod Smith gets the #2 RB spot behind a no suspension serving Ezekiel.
The WR position as far as I am concerned was upgraded. Perhaps some unanswered questions, but the upside potential here is high! Tavon Austin who will be giving the offence yet another option coming out of the back field at times, Deonte Thompson will be an interesting prospect. He brings veteran experience. He has proven he can catch a football no matter what uniform he puts on in the NFL. He caught 11 in a Bears uniform and 27in a Bills uniform last year. I have high hopes for Allen Hurns coming from Jacksonville. He was cut for missing 11 games over 2 seasons due to injuries. I think if he is healthy he will have no problem proving the Jags coaching staff made the wrong move. He is the WR1 in my opinion. This guy is physical, has some speed on him and is a veteran WR. Lets not forget T. Williams, the rookie WR Gallup drafted in the 3rd round, and Brown and Lenoir, all looking to make the squad and all looking good! Very exciting indeed.
posted on July 8th 2018….
The TE position has potential as well…The O line should Dominate…TBC….

Spurs Fans Can Speculate

I had an error in this article and it needs correcting. Apologies.

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