Father, Husband, U.S. Navy veteran, Retired Flight Attendant major U.S. carrier, Spurs and Cowboys Fan, but over the past decade have become a bigger fan of various NFL players due in large part for playing Fantasy Football. https://twitter.com/NFLFantasyP71 .

I love fishing, but have no idea why or how. I hardly ever do it; and when I do I rarely catch any fish. In retrospect, I’m filled with a peaceful soul.

I do love keeping fish.(https://www.youtube.com/@39souls) Currently fresh water.

A job injury this past October 2023 leading to a surgical repair, and the passing of my father has my YT channel on pause. I hope to change that soon.

If you found this page and my due to my Aquabid postings, thank you for supporting our hobby. I truly enjoy nurturing, and propagating certain fish, and aquarium plants. I appreciate the support and all purchases.

Believer of the Golden Rule, The Ancient Alien Theory, That every Man and Woman are the Sum of their Life Decisions, and The Great Creator of All Things!