My YouTube Page

It’s official. After over a year and a half I have finally launched my channel. Technically it’s a relaunch. I created the channel many years ago not really knowing what to do with it. I only knew that I wanted to do something. For years I filmed here and there of my travels as a flight attendant….Even before that, I was into podcasting back in 2005 before many even knew what a podcast was. I guess the history of all that is another page on the docket for The point is I never had a niche, and I struggled knowing that fact. I was recording and filming in purgatory content hoping my works would create an epiphany….The irony of all that I’ll leave for later.

(LINK to that page/story coming)

Anyhow. Episode 1 on how to diy a baby brine shrimp hatchery will debut on Wed. November 17, 2021 .

I hope anyone finding themselves here first will check it out. For now the official welcome and introduction video is officially up! Here is where I shameless plug the channel, and ask that if you do find yourself at the end of watching any of my works on Youtube, please give me a like and subscribe; especially if your into fish keeping. I have a vision finally, and I’ll be working in other topics onto the channel later; without throwing subscribers for a loop as to the main reason they they subscribe. With all that said. Here is the welcome!

Latest episode.